What makes us different – Why Tegnosis?

A Culture of Delivering Value & Meeting Client’s Business Goals

At Tegnosis, our client’s Business Goals precede Technology! Although we are a Technology consulting firm, we believe that our clients engage us to accomplish key business objectives, through the use of technology. As such, every client engagement at Tegnosis begins with a discovery process that focuses on gaining a true understanding of our our client’s business objectives. This culture, which is embedded into our consulting methodology and part of the project’s Key Success Criteria ensures that our clients are successful and receive true value.

A Culture of Client Collaboration

Success is always a result a of extensive collaboration between different stakeholders. Our people are trained to work hand-in-hand with all client stakeholders, whether it be IT, Line of Business Managers or Executives, to ensure that the solution delivered meets the needs of all stakeholders. We ensure that buy-in is received and maintained by all stakeholders so that when the solution is delivered, it is adopted by everyone in the organization. Change can be very threatening and our philosophy of extensive collaboration and keeping everyone informed, ensures the path of least resistance.

A Culture of Technology Excellence

This is part of our DNA and our name. We believe in being on the cutting edge of technology. You, our client, hire us for our in-depth technical knowledge and industry best practices and this is how we are able to deliver value. We hire only the best consultants and those that share our commitment to being on the bleeding edge of technology. This gives us the ammunition we need to fire when confronted with the toughest business challenges.

A Lean Culture

We believe that a simple solution is the best solution if it meets business needs. We do not over engineer technology just for the sake of it. We are single minded focused on an elegant  solution that meets clients needs within the time and  budget.

A Culture of Delighting Our Clients

We believe that an organization can only be successful when its clients are actively promoting the organization to their friends and colleagues. It is our goal to turn each and every client into an active TeGnosis advocate. This can only be accomplished if we delight our clients through our services. When you engage Tegnosis, you can expect nothing less!

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