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Self Service BI

Tegnosis’ BI consultants help you deploy self-service querying and reporting tools that your business users can use to make smarter and faster decisions based on latest data. Power users now have the capability to combine external data and perform data mashups in their own sandbox without impacting the enterprise data warehouse. The result is that IT is able to focus on enterprise-wide initiatives without being bogged down by continuous request from business users for additional data elements or reports. The business users are ecstatic as they no longer have to wait on IT for every new analysis they wish to perform!

Smarter and Faster Decisions

Using Power BI and Power Query, power users can make instant decisions

Improved Business Performance

Tangible results in terms of revenue, productivity and profitability.

Instant Data Access

End users prepare their own personalized analytical reports and dashboards.

Reduced IT Workload

So IT can focus on key enterprise-wide initiatives.

Self-Service BI Strategy

Implement a strategy that thrills end-users and your IT staff.

Minimize Operational Risks

Increase IT & Business productivity while avoiding risk of failure.

Skyrocket Business Agility

Empower users to respond to business needs instantly

Become a Superhero

Self-Service BI allows you to become a superhero in the eyes of your users and business executives.

What we offer

      • A self-service BI strategy that utilizes some of the latest technologies that Microsoft has developed paired with the right Data Governance Standards.
      • The ability to utilize a hybrid-cloud approach where your sensitive data still resides in your own premises.
      • Power BI based dashboards and reports that users can use to share and collaborate amongst themselves.
      • The ability to use Power Query and Power Pivot to incorporate external public data, or data across different systems to perform analysis previously not possible.
      • A proven methodology that allow you to deploy BI solutions without costly mistakes
      • Customized and end-to-end solutions.

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