Permanent staffing

Permanent Staffing

Reliable, knowledgeable, competent, process driven, measured and outcome oriented are simple adjectives that describe our organization. The recruitment field is competitive and our clients have alternatives. Clients hire us and candidates maintain close relationships with us because they know that we are the best at what we do. Our track record of maintaining long-term relationships and repeat client business speaks for itself.

Proven Process That Delivers Outcome

We have a team of designated recruiters for permanent staffing solutions.

Best match candidates for you

These experts help us identify passive candidates from other similar organization to find the “best match” for our clients.

Guaranteed outcome!

We will give you a 90-day unconditional guarantee on every full time hired by our clients.

You have nothing to worry!

If for any reason our resource leaves the company, we will replace it at no cost to you.

Cultural fit

Our mantra is simple – We want to create assets for your organization.

Talent FIT Culture FIT

This can only happen if we find you a resource, which is not only “Talent fit” but also a “Culture fit” for you.

Results driven philosophy that works.

Achieving desired results for our client is the reason why we are in this business.

We exceed expectations

We work diligently and tirelessly until our clients’ goals are achieved, always trying to exceed expectations.

Why Choose Us

      • Experienced recruiters with immense knowledge in talent acquisition process.
      • Tried and tested solutions to achieve best recruitment outcomes for our clients.
      • Recruitment process outsourcing made easy with flexible options for clients to choose from.
      • Complete information confidentiality to ensure your business requirements are kept Private.
      • We practice ruthless consistency irrespective of the change in the requirements by our clients.

Clients where our consultants have worked