Talent Acquisiton

Professional Services

Technology does not deliver projects, people do. Tegnosis staffing recognizes the importance of a qualified workforce to create desired outcomes for our clients. Our experience and ability to successfully seek, select, and on-board critical resources in a short period of time, helps strengthen our client’s workforce. We can assemble a wining team for you to hit the ground running in no time. With 15+ years of industry experience, a proven recruiting process and a desire to be your partner of choice we will make you our raving fan!

Customer Service Excellence

There is nothing more important to us than YOU - our clients.

Support when you need it

We work harder and smarter to fulfill all your needs.

Responsive to YOUR needs

We listen to our client needs and their feedback to create a consistent loop of process improvement.

Efficient delivery standards.

Our industry leading best practices in recruiting, improves productivity for our clients.

Complete IT staffing solution

A “one stop shop” for all your staffing needs. We will assemble the entire winning team for you.

Resources Provided

Project Managers, Architect, Developers, QA’s, Technical writers in all areas of technology including BI, Mobile, ECM, Networking, ERP, CRM, and Internet Security etc.

We CREATE value

A progressive thought process of continuously creating value for our clients in every aspect of our transaction helps us create lasting relationship with our client.

We create desired outcomes.

Measured outcomes for our clients is our top priority.

Why Choose Us

      • A Culture of Delivering Value & Meeting Client’s Business Goals
      • A Culture of Client Collaboration
      • A Culture of Technology Excellence
      • A Lean Culture to be cost effective for our clients
      • A Culture of Delighting Our Client.

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