Performance Tuning and Optimization

Business Intelligence – Performance Tuning and Optimization

If your Reports and Dashboards are not returning results in sub-seconds, your end-users will stop using the system (if they haven’t already)! Poor performance is one of the key reasons for poor adoption of Business Intelligence solutions. At Tegnosis, we have tuned databases, cubes, reports & dashboards, so that end-users are thrilled with the response time. We can come in for a short-engagement, identify the root cause of performance issues, and remedy the situation quickly.

If your performance issues are related to load-times, and your ETL process does not finish within its allocated time-window, we address those issues as well. We inspect your system at various levels to find bottlenecks and optimize and tune them.

  • Database level – Some performance issues are related to the database design.
  • ETL level – If best practices for parallel processing and multi-threading are not utilized, performance can suffer.
  • Cube level – We look at aggregations level, cube design, calculated measures, etc. to identify the performance bottlenecks at the cube level.
  • Disk/Memory level – Sometimes the issue has to do with the storage system and disk performance.
  • Report/Query level – A poorly written query can cause major performance headaches.
  • Identifying the underlying root cause enables better optimization leading to accelerated system performance.

Sub-second Report Response

Thrill your users by delivering reports that return results instantly!

Eliminate Extra Coffee-Breaks

Improve user productivity by avoiding wasted time waiting on reports.

Reduce Complexity

Better design leads to a simpler solution and faster querying and reporting.

Improved Maintainability

Deliver simpler solutions that perform better and are more maintainable.

Reduce DBA Stress

By ensuring your ETL process completes way before time.

Reduce DBA Stress

Optimized ETL processes complete on-time before your end-users get in the office.

Deploy Tried-and-Tested Framework

Rather than reinvent the wheel, use our framework and methodology to get faster results.

Implement Industry Best Practices

Use our experience to get the latest and best the industry has to offer.

What We Offer

      • A review of the Database design and code to understand and fix the causes of performance issues.
      • An Audit of stored procedures, functions and queries to identify and fix bottlenecks.
      • A framework that utilizes industry best practices to perform multi-threaded bulk-load operations to greatly enhance ETL load-times.
      • A review of SSAS cubes to identify performance issues and fix them.
      • Indexing and Partitioning strategies to ensure mission critical data is available with minimal I/O.
      • A simplified data warehouse infrastructure that is easy to maintain.

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