Data Integration

Data Integration & Migration

Do you have multiple database systems that do not talk to each other? Do the number on your report not match? Do you have DTS packages that are no longer supported by Microsoft?

We love data integration, migration and cleansing! We specialize in ETL work to populate data warehouses. We have the expertise to architect ETL solutions that not only perform well for large-scale databases, but also ensure that you get the best database design that will scale and always produce accurate results.

Tried and tested Framework

Our framework and methodology ensures that your data integration and migration tasks utilized industry best practices.


We have been doing this for decades. Let our experience and pre-written scripts get the job done quicker!

High-performance ETL

We have increased performance of existing ETL processes by 1000%! Let us come in and optimize your process.


Optimized ETL processes complete on-time before your end-users get in the office.

Perform analysis never-before-possible

With data integrated across systems, you will be able to perform analysis that were never possible before.


Using a database design that ensures you always get accurate reports.

Lower Cost. Happier Boss.

Data Integration projects implemented quicker due to our experience and pre-built generic scripts.


Quicker projects means less cost and a happier boss.

What We Offer:

      • A pre-built SSIS framework that is ready to deploy which includes multi-threaded operations, restartability, error-handling and extensive auditing and logging.
      • Integrating data from Oracle, SQL Server, Flat files, Excel files, SAP, PeopleSoft or any other disparate data source.
      • DTS to SSIS package migrations that include a redesign if necessary.
      • Data cleansing using Data Quality Services (DQS) that includes correction, standardization, de-duplication, etc.
      • Industry best practices for implementing ETL packages.

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