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Dashboards and Reporting

Are your executives expecting you to deliver interactive, visually stunning dashboards that provide them with real-time information? We specialize in helping clients choose the best dashboarding tools available in the marketplace. We then design and develop analytical and/or operational dashboards that wow your executives and end-users! Business users today expect to be able to drag-and-drop data elements, slice-and-dice the data, create colorful graphs and charts all with a few clicks. With our expertise, not only can you make these a reality for your organization but also help drive significant business goals such as gaining insight into customer behavior.

Infuse Strategic Alignment

Using common analytical dashboards that track organization-wide Key Performance Indicators can help align business units towards a common corporate goal.


Link your operational tasks and short-term goals to KPIs and witness measurable changes in employee performance.

Data Driven Culture

Use the analytics and reports to infuse a data-driven culture in your organization.


Take the guesswork out and let users make decisions based on insights gained viewing real-time, centralized and cleansed data.

Personalized stunning dashboards

Each executive or user can have their own dashboard with KPIs that they need to monitor.


Monitoring of critical KPIs in real-time leads to smarter decisions and improved business performance.


Visually appealing dashboards that allow users to create fancy reports on the fly.


User are able to service themselves reducing the need for IT to create all reports.

What We Offer:

      • Highly interactive and personalized dashboards accessed with 100% zero-footprint browser based interface
      • Rich visualizations that allow users to tell a business story
      • The ability to view dashboards on any mobile device
      • Collaborative dashboards that allow users to share key insights
      • An on-premise or cloud-based dashboard based on the clients needs.
      • Dashboards with integrated scorecards to assess performance over time

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