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Business Intelligence – Solution Implementation

At Tegnosis, we have completed a large number of end-to-end BI engagements that have delivered exceptional value to our clients. We understand what it takes to complete a BI Solution end-to-end. Avoid the pitfalls that most data warehouse projects are prone to by engaging Tegnosis. Our Solution Implementation includes discovery, design, development, reporting and training.

BI Solution in 2-months

Complete the Data Mart subject area that provides the MOST value first.


Users can start using your data warehouse in two months

Proven Methodology

Tegnosis uses a proven methodology that delivers exceptional value!


We include project documentation that you will find invaluable after we are gone.

Deploy useful analytics

Answer key questions that impact the organization's bottom-line

Increase Business Profitability

Use analytics to determine the most profitable lines of business.

Industry Best Practices

Your project benefits from Tegnosis' knowledge of industry best practices


We will train your inhouse staff on best practices and ensure they utilize it on all your other projects!

What we offer

      • Full life cycle implementation of enterprise data warehousing.
      • Designing personalized BI solutions to match your evolving business objectives.
      • Data Analysis to find process loopholes and unidentified opportunities.
      • Graphical representation of reports for better understanding leading to better decision making.
      • Advanced Cube architecture for predicting future growth patterns.

Clients where our consultants have worked