68% of IT projects fail and 56% deliver less value than expected. Tegnosis follows a proven methodology with a strong discovery process to ensure that you are not amongst the quoted statistics. Underwrite your projects success with our proven expertise.
Let our well-rounded star performers bring the wealth of their industry experience & best practices to your organization. Your systems will be more robust, your employees will spend less time fixing bugs, and your staff will be well equipped to utilize those same best practices in other projects throughout your organization.
Are you overwhelmed with your departments existing workload and support tickets? Do you lack the resource bandwidth to deliver projects and solutions that your business users desperately need? Let us knock-out your pending high-priority projects. We will make you a super hero in their eyes and deliver projects whose start date has been pushed for months.
Talent Acquisition
Do you struggle with finding the right resource at the right time that provides value-for-money? At Tegnosis, we have a pool of qualified resources at every level that can hit-the-ground-running quickly and augment your existing staff. These resources have been thoroughly screened & evaluated by our industry leading technologists and are ready to deliver immediate value to your organization.

Why Choose Us

      • A Consulting & Staffing company with expertise in Business Intelligence, Product Engineering, Mobile & App Development and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
      • Ability to execute small and large projects with agility.
      • World class staffing team that provides high quality candidates in record time.
      • Highly specialized Recruiters and Account Managers with domain expertise.
      • Large pool of highly qualified and pre-screened candidates.
      • Highly personal service to every client from leaders within the organization.
Client Success Is Our Top Priority

Our industry leading consultants have completed projects for Fortune 500 as well Small and Medium sized organizations. Ensuring that our clients succeed is our #1 priority.

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